Alliance ENT recently sponsored an annual golf outing with the Oasis Project. The Oasis Project is a nonprofit network and partnership of businesses, communities of faith, and civic-minded volunteers whose mission is to offer a hand up to the under-served and under-resourced children, individuals, and families in western Waukesha County, Wisconsin.

Oasis Project Sponsorship

Oasis serves more than 100 children needing tutoring help through five Oasis Learning Centers in four area elementary schools and one middle school. 

Families of these children are unable to afford to hire a much-needed tutor or may have extenuating circumstances necessitating their service.

As the Oasis Project grows, they hope to add more services for under-served and under-resourced individuals and families, including a teen center where youth can socialize, a family communication center where struggling families can find pro bono counseling, and a community resource center where disenfranchised citizens can receive help to secure meaningful employment. 

Alliance was proud to support the community and Oasis by sponsoring this event. To learn more about the Oasis Project and support their mission, visit their website.