Alliance Facial Trauma Center

It is estimated that 40% of all sports related injuries involve the face. The most common types of sports related facial trauma are soft tissue injuries and fractures of the “T-Zone” bones (the nose, the cheek bone, and the jaw). These injuries often occur in combination. Depending on the extent and type of injury, some injuries can be managed at the sporting event site, with the athlete resuming play immediately. Other injuries may require transfer to an urgent care setting in management by a specialist. We have extensive training and experience in both the surgical and nonsurgical management of facial trauma and sports related injuries involving the face and neck.

Prevention of such injuries begins with wearing proper protective gear and knowledge of how facial injuries occur. All wrestlers should be instructed to wear their headgear anytime they are involved with drilling or live wrestling. Other contact sport athletes generally wear head protection, which is very effective. Despite everyone’s best efforts injuries may still occur. This may require prompt diagnosis and treatment. Treatment may include medication to control pain and/or infection, as well as surgical correction.

Proper initial assessment and management of the injury may prevent unfavorable long-term results and permanent facial deformities. Alliance’s ultimate goal is for the athlete to recover normal functionality and appearance from facial trauma and return to competition in a timely and safe manner.